San Fernando Valley Tree Shaping

Beautify your trees with our San Fernando Valley tree shaping service

When it comes to adding value to your home and turning that dream home into reality, LA Valley Tree Services is the convenient choice as it offers the best services such as tree shaping and tree lacing. We put forward the best projects, advice, and ideas to our San Fernando Valley clients and never disappoint. As a client, you are ensured of amazing feedback and customer care.

Living trees are better than the use of lumber. Live trees do not decay easily as compared to dry wood, and when they do, it is from the inside out. Our company makes use of organic architecture, a great factor to consider in making your home look better, and an envy of others. For us, tree shaping is not just some artsy project, but a way for our clients to experience structurally advanced services.

The concept of tree shaping creates a need to live with trees. It makes your home artistic and very much desirable. Making use of our knowledgeable experts will help you understand how trees grow; experimenting with different designs, the repeatable processes of shaping them, and the different factors required to achieve the best outcome.

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San Fernando Valley tree shaping

What's involved in tree shaping

The practice involves training living trees and getting artistic shapes by carefully strategizing and orchestrating the growth of the branches. By doing this, we create an amazing show-stopper at the convenience of your home. We make use of all methods of tree shaping depending on the client’s specifications and needs. After all, you don’t need to chop wood off trees to make amazing sculptures and designs.

Be it urban or traditional design, we got you covered. We give you the chance to grow trees to incorporate foreign material like metal frames and glass thus solidifying the shaping. The foreign material can, however, be removed if it is no longer needed. Trees around your home end up looking more beautiful and a sense of attractiveness is created.

Consequently, we offer several design options. These may include abstract or symbolic elements. We aid in selecting suitable trees according to the client’s specifications and over time, culture the trees into desired structures. Grafting makes the tree parts grow together, therefore, retaining the shape desired even when fresh layers of wood grow over.

San Fernando Valley tree lacing

Tree lacing keeps your trees healthy and beautiful

We also offer tree lacing services in the San Fernando Valley. Tree lacing is the annual pruning, thinning, and selective removal of branches. This practice is beneficial to our clients as it allows for air movement and light penetration through the tree’s canopy. The routine can be carried out at any part of the year. Our company is certified and has qualified staff to do this.

As a San Fernando Valley property owner, it may be hectic and tough for you to be assertive when your trees are in need of proper lacing. Our various tree services have a handful of benefits to our clients. Tree lacing, for example, enhances the tree’s natural form.

The obvious reason for better appearance is not the sole benefit of tree lacing

The light penetration allows for the proper growth of other plants underneath the tree. It also acts as a form of pest control, thus a safety measure and health benefit not only for your trees but for you as an individual. Trimming also opens up your property, improving your view of nature at large. Our company helps you distinguish which tree needs lacing when it needs it and does this for you efficiently.

How tree lacing helps your trees grow stronger

By lacing your trees, dead limbs are removed. Therefore, any limb that would potentially cause damage to your tree is gotten rid of. Your trees grow healthy and maintain a robust growth curve. We also offer pruning services for fruit trees. Mature trees produce quality fruits and enhanced, durable, branch development. However, each tree is shaped and laced differently, thus expert services are needed.

Unprofessional tree lacing can harm your trees

If tree lacing and tree shaping are done improperly, lasting damaging effects can be created. The tree’s lifespan can be shortened and your property might incur hazards too. It is always best for property owners to leave these tree services in the hands of professionals, and that is why you should opt for LA Valley Tree Services. We not only ensure a long life for your trees but also safety for our clients and property surrounding the tree.

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