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Few of us would argue with the fact that trees are an absolutely important part of our ecosystem. Apart from their many functional benefits, trees serve as an aspect of beauty, lighting up the environment in ways nothing else can. Right from when your seedlings start shooting upwards, you are always looking for ways to make sure that they grow with the right nutrients and become part of a great landscape. Unfortunately, there are situations that require you to get rid of some trees, regardless of your attachment to them or the function they serve. At LA Valley Tree Services, we specialize in a number of tree-related activities, one of them is our tree removal service.

It goes without saying that trees are always great to have around, but they need to serve a purpose. For example, some people want to remove trees because they believe that the trees themselves have become a threat to people or structures. When you have a large tree in you backyard and can’t trim it properly without risking injuries or damage to property, then it is always advisable to call in professionals, such ourselves, to get the job done. Similarly, trees near electricity lines always pose a danger and when they cannot be trimmed, then a decision is made to call in a tree cutting service.

As professionals, we have a deep understanding of tree maintenance and removal processes. When we look at trees, we consider their function and location. You definitely do not need to remove vegetation, that is healthy and serves its purpose, out of the way. However, you definitely want to get rid of trees that become a problem along the way.

But how do you decide that a certain tree or group of trees needs to go?

Sure, there are some simple ways of telling that certain trees need to be removed, but it’s not always that easy. The safest way out of this conundrum involves calling in the experts to take a look at the situation. As arborists, we absolutely love vegetation and never want to see any one tree get cut down. However, we are always reasonable with the facts on the ground, and will tell you when a tree needs to be cut. Our professionals have been performing the tree removal service for quite a bit and know how to evaluate issues out there. As soon as you reach out to us, we will head your way and take a look at what needs to be done.

Here is how we know a tree needs to be removed:

Encroachment on barns, houses, utilities and other important constructions

When you grow a tree, most of the time you have no idea how tall it’s going to rise. Over the years, some trees tend to rise sharply, looming over important constructions. These trees may look beautiful and harmless, but the problem is that they pose a serious danger to property and life.

During strong gusts and rainy days, even the strongest trees fall victim to the elements. It is never safe to assume that trees close to your house will never fall on the building because they ‘seem strong’- you can never underestimate the strength of the elements. Our expert arborists are good at analyzing such scenarios and removing the tree in such a way that it does not harm anything around.

Sick or dead trees serve no purpose

A lot of people wait until it’s too late when it comes to hiring a tree removal service. At other times, they simply do not know that they need professional arborists. For example, it is difficult for regular folks to see the subtle signs of a disease. Some trees tend to wither slowly over time and die without the owners knowing. The problem here is that these trees could infect others in the area or end up falling on property as a result of root decay. With a professional outfit like ours, you will always find it easy to notice these things and have the correct action taken.

At times, trees are infected with diseases and become irredeemable. There are some types of plant fungi that affect plants from the roots up, and it is always a great idea to cut down a tree when it is far too gone rather than have it occupy space that would otherwise be used for other purposes. Dead trees also pose a risk to humans, animals and structures, so it is always good to take them out of the equation. Our tree trimming professionals know precisely when to get rid of bothersome trees.

If you have already removed trees but have stumps all over the place, then you might want to rid your land of these because they take up too much space, are an eyesore and can cause injuries to kids and pets. We are always on hand to help you get this done.

Crowding among trees is never good for growth

If you have an adorable garden in the backyard that is a little too crowded for anyone’s good, then call us in. Crowded trees end up struggling for food, air and sunlight. The key lies in knowing what tree needs to go, and we would love it if you trusted us with that decision.

Granted, there is an endless list of reasons why you might need to get rid of a tree. However, it is not always easy to decide on your own. Here at Valley Green Tree Survives, we are always ready and available to step in and help.

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