San Fernando Valley Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization helps trees to grow healthy and strong

Trees add aesthetic value to the environment. Apart from supplying you with an adequate flow of fresh air, your eyes will definitely fall in love with what they will be seeing. Trees can only look good if they are healthy and strong. One of the surest ways of ensuring that your trees grow and stay healthy is by applying the right fertilizer. Tree fertilization helps the trees to grow, flourish, and even produce more fruits. As a property owner, providing adequate fertilization to your trees can be quite a challenge, and that’s why you need a professional tree arborist to do it for you.

What are tree fertilizers?

Tree Fertilizers can be chemicals or naturally-occurring substances that, when added to the soil, improve soil fertility. Fertile soil is rich in major nutrients needed by the trees. For instance, most of the commercially produced fertilizers contain nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Each of the nutrients in these key nutrients in the fertilizers is packaged in specific proportions depending on what the soil needs. This means that tree fertilization is not something that can be done randomly. Our Tree Arborist will first test the soil and recommend the type of fertilizer to be used.

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When to fertilize your trees in the San Fernando Valley

What is the perfect time for tree fertilization in the San Fernando Valley? Probably since you planted the trees, you have never seen anything wrong with them. You are wondering when you should start looking for a tree fertilization service. Tree fertilization depends on its age. Young trees, and even the seedlings, require very minimum fertilization. Some fertilizers are corrosive and may damage the roots of young trees. As professional arborists, we first check the tree before deciding on the type and quantity of fertilizers to apply. Trees that are at the developing stage require the normal amount of fertilizers.

Mature trees have a well-developed network of roots. The roots are spread across a wide area and go deep into the ground. Such trees can acquire sufficient nutrients on their own with minimal external help. They don’t need to be fertilized on a regular basis as it is the case for developing trees.

San Fernando Valley tree fertilization

Importance of tree fertilization

You should never compare the trees growing in forests and those that you have planted in your San Fernando Valley property. Trees in the forests can grow healthy and stronger because they depend on natural compounds that come from the decomposing leaves. Your trees, growing probably in an urban area, get inadequate compounds. They have no option but to depend on other sources for fertilization.

Tree fertilization promotes the healthy growth and development of trees. The stem, the leaves, and even the flowers will flourish perfectly. If you are expecting fruits from your trees, fertilization will stimulate the tree to produce more fruits. Fertilizing your trees will also help in keeping diseases at bay. Some diseases that may be making attempts to attack the trees will be repelled. The same applies to pests. Some types of fertilizers may kill the pests that are trying to grow around the trees. Since the fertilizers strengthen the trees, the vagaries of nature such as wind and storms won’t bring your trees down. Your overall landscape will remain perfect.

tree fertilization in the San Fernando Valley

Tree fertilization methods

There are different techniques for tree fertilization. The choice of a method may depend on the current needs and what you intend to achieve from the fertilization.

Organic fertilization:

Under this method, the fertilizer used is directly obtained from the plants and animal waste. They include decomposing parts of the plants, dung, and droppings from animals. Though the rate of absorption for this nutrient is slow, they tend to offer long-term benefits. Organic fertilizers cause no harm to the environment.

Inorganic fertilization:

This method is commonly preferred by many homeowners since you only need to purchase a fertilizer that has a specific set of nutrients.


Compost fertilizer is mainly made of decomposed plant matter that is left to decay over time.

Professional tree fertilizers

Tree fertilization is an involving practice that requires more than just general knowledge on the subject. It requires high levels of professionalism and expertise. This is why we will make sure that all the activities, involving tree fertilization, are done correctly. We have a team of professional tree arborists, who have years of experience in matters relating to trees. They will not only ensure that your trees are well-fertilized but will also help you to implement other activities related to the health of your trees.

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