San Fernando Valley Tree Disease Analysis

San Fernando Valley tree disease analysis experienced arborists

It is a despondent era for trees as most people have stopped taking care of them and ensuring they are in perfect health. Well, that is not the case for LA Valley Tree Services. Being an environment-friendly company, we lookout for tree lovers out there, and through our San Fernando Valley tree disease analysis methods, create an amazing green world for our clients. Tree disease analysis involves the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of tree diseases. If you notice any particular changes in your trees or plants, we are the best company to deal with it.

Tree diseases cause unsightly blemishes on your trees and even death if not controlled and treated. Weeds can also spread diseases to your trees causing a huge amount of loss to any property owner without their knowledge. They grow out of place and become competitive. They end up depriving your trees of proper nutrients, thus making them an easy target for diseases.

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Pay close attention to your trees

Prior to the analysis, it is important to have knowledge of what is normal for a specific tree species. Growth characteristics of the specified tree should be well-identified. Some trees’ leaves shed during the fall and should not be categorized as abnormal, hence, should not raise alarm. We perform a careful analysis and help you understand the cause and proper treatment.

Blossoms, leaves, and barks are just a few of the parts that one can use to identify tree diseases. Some diseases occur internally and take time to be manifested externally. That is why our company was established. To help you, our client, avoid worse, devastating conditions for your plants.

San Fernando Valley tree disease analysis

Infectious vs Non-Infectious diseases

Trees suffer from both infectious diseases, which are caused by living things, and noninfectious tree diseases that are caused by nonliving agents; thus cannot be transmitted from one tree or plant to another. The most common nonliving causative agents are pollution, chemicals, mostly within the soil, mechanical injuries, extreme temperature, and moisture extreme.

Certain diseases only affect specific tree species. Changes in the environment and season also trigger some diseases.

San Fernando Valley tree disease analysis

Common Tree Diseases in the San Fernando Valley

Some of the common tree diseases include AnthracnoseApple scabDiplodia tip blight, the lethal Yellowing of Palm Trees, and Cedar rusts. If not identified and treated in time, most of these diseases lead to the death of part or even an entire tree. Our team of experts regularly checks your trees and plants for any diseases and provides the needed treatment.

Disease Analysis Process

Our company uses a step-wise routine to deduce the proper analysis. After identifying the tree, our experts look for any previous abnormalities and establish a pattern of abnormality, if any. This helps in short-listing possible causes for trees in the same environment. The land is then examined to identify any factors within the soil that could have caused the abnormalities.

Different parts of the tree, majorly the roots, leaves, trunk, and branches are then checked and professionally examined. If the crown shows any signs of wounding, then high chances are the disease used that as an entry point. Odd color roots also point out a high probability of diseases. The position and appearance of the leaves also play a major role in deciding the type of causative agent, whether biotic or abiotic.

What comes after the problem is found

After diagnosing the problem, our company offers appropriate treatment options. Such include sanitation, whereby we get rid of the infected parts of the tree or the whole tree if it is past redemption. We also advise our clients on the best fungicides in the market and how to use them efficiently to avoid similar problems in the future. Additionally, we show you how to protect target hosts via pruning, watering, and mulching. This consequently maintains the proper health of the tree.

It is therefore advisable to ensure your trees and plants are healthy. Most healthy plants have a resistive characteristic to fight attacks. Unfortunately, a large number of trees in the urban environment are of poor health and are under stress. This reduces the ability of the trees to fend off attacks.

Contact Us to aid you in the diagnosis and treatment of any problems as well. Whether it is just wilting, your tree’s leaves are just not as green as they should be, you have identified unfamiliar growth or presence of pests, we have your back!

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