finding drought resistant trees
In areas with persistent drought conditions, Los Angeles being one of them, selecting drought resistant trees can be a smart idea; this way you will have the chance to maintain them easier. If you are looking to find beautiful trees for your garden, you need to consider a number of factors, especially if you live in an area with a true dry season. Even though you may wish to buy the nicest looking trees, it’s better to find the ones that don’t need much water.

If you live in an area that has long dry seasons, you need to pick your trees wisely; choose the ones that can handle the drought. Keep in mind that under these conditions, the plants that usually survive for longer period of time are, usually, the native trees. These trees adapt well to the soil, as well as the climate of the region, since they are going to be more tolerant to drought than non-native trees. For example, you can check around your region for green trees. You can learn their names and you can buy these specific trees. These trees will probably have less maintenance and they will survive for many many years.

The Rocky Mountain Juniper is one the best drought tolerant trees. They can grow very easily on different types of soil and they don’t require much water. They have a nice green to bluish colour all year-round and can make your garden look beautiful. The female plants have fragrant berries and they don’t grow quickly (usually 1 foot per year).
Another great option for dry season areas is the Eastern White Pine. This tree is going to live for many generations ahead (up to 500 years). You can see this kind of tree to thrive in your garden as long as your soil doesn’t face extreme weather conditions, such as floodings. It’s a perfect choice for large spaces, because it can create a nice shade. In fact, it’s the ideal choice for open landscapes and this tree doesn’t like the polluted environment of cities.
You can also buy the Italian Cypress tree for your garden. This is another great option, because Italian Cypress does not require much water in order to thrive. If you like, you can also plant it in large pots and place them in your entrance or patio – just to add some elegance to your garden. This tree can adapt very easily to any type of soil and it does not need a lot of water. You need to remember, that this special tree grows in a narrow shape, practically reaching straight up. You could probably do the tree trimming maintenance yourself. It flourishes in full sun environments and it needs very low maintenance. It looks elegant and classy, because it does not grow wide and it has a strikingly beautiful tall and narrow look. If you choose this tree, it will most certainly be the focal point in your garden.
Other good options of drought tolerant trees, to consider, are the Russian Olive, Purple-leaf Acadia, and Flame Tree. You just have to choose the most appropriate, considering the area you live in.

Growing drought tolerant trees can be a great way for you to make your landscape look more wonderful, while, at the same time, helping with water conservation and saving money on the water bill.