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For safe, professional tree removal in Van Nuys, choose our certified experts.

We eliminate unwanted or hazardous trees from residential/commercial properties using proper techniques to minimize landscape impact. Trust our extensive experience and specialized training for efficient services tailored to your needs. Call today for the best Van Nuys tree removal.

Van Nuys Tree Removal services

Get your problematic tree removed

Trees are a wonderful addition to any neighborhood, be it residential or commercial, but they can also cause many problems if left to themselves. These problems could add up quickly to repairs costing thousands of dollars and liability issues if not handled immediately and correctly. Our company’s knowledgeable staff is ready to handle any tree removal in Van Nuys.

Typically, when we think of the problems trees could cause us. Certain chores come to mind, like raking leaves in the fall or digging them out of rain gutters. These chores are minor, however, compared to the kind of damage a tree’s roots or dead, overhanging branches can cause.

 Tree Removal services in Van Nuys

Reasons to Call the Experts for Tree Removal Van Nuys

Several scenarios can arise around a home or office when Mother Nature gets involved. Just some of them could include:

  • Heavy limbs crashing through your roof or picture windows during the next big storm.
  • Expensive damage to your home’s foundation.
  • Basement walls are being pushed over by large roots.
  • Permanent damage to underground plumbing.
  • Dangerous health issues emerge from your septic tank.

Roots, especially, can be the bane of any property owner’s existence

The roots of trees growing too close to a building will cause progressive damage, not just to foundations, but to sidewalks, porches, patios, and stairs. If left unchecked you will end up with broken steps, and uneven pavement and flooring. All of that can, potentially, turn into a trip or other types of safety hazards that can leave you exposed to liability lawsuits.

Remove that tree before it costs you more

Don’t wait until you have damage that will cost you hundreds or even thousands to repair. Our tree removal service in the Van Nuys area service helps you say goodbye to any problem tree, and its stump, before much more expensive damage occurs.

Tree Removal in Van Nuys

Always Use a Professional Tree Removal Service to Ensure Everyone’s Safety

Trees require proper care and maintenance to stay healthy and avoid potential issues.

Valley Green Tree Services offers a variety of services that include:

The ability to safely remove a problem tree or trees can only be done by a professional tree removal service company. Even if you only require a section of a tree removed, the process can still be very dangerous. For best results, you need a certified tree removal service that has the experience, equipment, and knowledge needed to resolve properly any problem that comes up. Our company provides a certified tree removal service in Van Nuys.

Having the right knowledge of trees, how they grow, and how they respond to different forces, as they are being removed, is crucial.

At L.A. Valley Tree Services, we are determined to provide the very best tree removal service Van Nuys has to offer. Our tree professionals are well-trained, and we guarantee our work.

Whether you have some damage that needs to be removed after a storm or are just looking to be proactive and thin out your property, so larger issues are avoided.

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