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Van Nuys Palm Tree Removal services

Dependable and experienced palm tree removal and skinning service in Van Nuys

Whether you have a residential home, apartment complex, or business property, palm trees add a magnificent sight and can be an asset to your landscaping plans. The only challenge they present is maintenance. Storms and windy weather can easily affect the fronds leaving them hanging out and spoiling the look.

Fronds, even as they age do not drop off instead hang down on the tree and when seeds add up to the look, the palm trees can quickly become an eyesore.

At other times you may want your palm trees removed or trimmed because they have grown to a level they pose a danger to, or an obstacle to, utility lines. The old fronds could also pose a security risk to passersby, which places you at risk of liability damages.

When these problems arise, our Van Nuys palm tree removal and trimming services come in handy.

 Palm Tree Removal Services in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Palm Tree Trimming

Palm tree trimming is necessary for several reasons. Trimming improves the appearance of the palm tree by removing the dead fronds and the seeds. Trimming also allows much of the tree to be hit by air and sunlight, which helps improve the health of the palm tree.

Other general benefits of trimming are the prevention of fire and accident hazards, which could be brought out by the dried and hanging fronds.

Trimming also prevents the palm tree from becoming top-heavy, which can affect its shape and also increase its susceptibility to break in case of strong winds.

Finally, trimming ensures rodents and pests have nowhere to hide inside the hanging fronds, which helps in keeping the property pest-free. Palm tree trimming can cut out most of the fronds leaving about 3-5 or if you wish to trim the fronds into a full, but well-structured, shape.

Palm Tree Removal in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Palm Tree Skinning

Palm tree trimming is also known as palm tree skimming. The purpose is to remove the rough exterior skin, which has a webbing effect that is brought about by years of trimming.

Skinning has to be done safely to ensure that the soft inner part of the tree is not damaged — skinning results in a smoother and even texture of the trunk.

Hiring a certified palm tree skinning company ensures that during the job the right precautions are taken care of, while the achieving correct result.

palm tree skinning in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Palm Tree Removal

The final, and leading, service provided is palm tree removal. You have the option of cutting the tree flush or having the whole stump removed. You may need to remove the tree either due to the expansion of the property, an old tree, or a damaged one.

The safety of any utility lines, as well as that of the workers and any nearby property, will be taken into consideration during the removal work.

If you require palm tree removal services, look for certified tree service professionals with an excellent reputation and referrals. Get a free estimate and pick one whose rates and services offer more value for your money.

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