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Our Tree Trimming Professionals will keep your trees healthy and attractive

At LA Valley Tree Services, we firmly believe in the idea of beautiful and healthy trees. For a long time, human activity has led to loss of millions and millions of trees around the world. However, over the last few decades, man has woken up to the call of nature and is trying hard to make sure that the misdeeds of the past are corrected. This explains why lots of people in the US and beyond are working hard to grow and maintain trees that are beneficial to our own existence.

Planting seedlings is always a great start, but it is important to make sure that they are well taken care of along the way; which is precisely what we do. We offer services such as tree cutting, tree trimming and tree thinning. Our workers are highly experienced and know everything there is to know when it comes to tree management.

Our promise when it comes to tree thinning

Arborists and tree owners alike agree that thinning is one of the most important aspects of pruning a tree. As opposed to the removal of dead, sick or dying parts of a tree, thinning entails the highly selective removal of live parts of a tree for the purposes of increasing crown density. Trees are always out there at the mercy of the elements. Thinning comes in handy when you want to selectively reduce pressure on trunks when the tree faces storms or strong winds, such as the Santa Ana’s.

Our tree thinning service is targeted at tree owners who feel that certain trees have become too dense and need a little professional comb over. We thin trees in such a way that they can stand their own and allow sunlight to pass through their branches. Apart from this functional aspect to thinning, there is always the aesthetic angle; thinned crowns stand out from the rest and look great.

Our forays into tree trimming

While trimming is done at a small scale at homes, it tends to happen more often at the commercial level. Trimming also happens a lot when trees are growing but not when they approach maturity. In trimming a tree, our professionals seek to create a great foliage while at the same time correcting asymmetry in hedges and shrubs as they grow. Nurseries in particular require care in such a way that each young tree gets to grow in its own place.

We boast years of experience when it comes to trimming trees. With us, you are always assured that not a single branch will be cut down unnecessarily. Our focus is the growth and appearance of your trees at all times.

When the tree has to go

Sure, trees are always great to have around, but they need to serve a purpose. For example, some people want to remove trees because they believe that the trees themselves have become a threat to people or structures. When you have a large tree in you backyard and can’t trim it properly without risking injuries or damage to property, then it is always advisable to call in professionals, such ourselves, to get the job done. Similarly, trees near electricity lines always pose a danger and when they cannot be trimmed, then a decision is made to call in a tree cutting service.

At times, trees are infected with diseases and become irredeemable. There are some types of plant fungi that affect plants from the roots up, and it is always a great idea to cut down a tree when it is far too gone rather than have it occupy space that would otherwise be used for other purposes. Dead trees also pose a risk to humans, animals and structures, so it is always good to take them out of the equation. Our tree trimming professionals know precisely when to get rid of bothersome trees.

If you are looking to have some trees trimmed, thinned, or cut in a professional manner, call in the professionals from our company. We are dedicated to making the environment feel and look safer, and we believe that trees are at the core of our objectives. We combine knowledge and experience to make sure that there is no waste of greenery or needless destruction of property during the tree trimming and maintenance operations.

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